"Teen Wolf” has always maintained a strong fan community and those enthusiasts are a major part of the show’s success. When the decision was made to start a new online venture centered around the series, we wanted those who love “Teen Wolf” to be as involved as possible, so we invited them to be direct contributors to The Collective. Through the years, we’ve worked with so many talented people who are artists, musicians, writers, and creators, and we reached out to many of them and gave them the opportunity to introduce the entire fan community to this new platform. We encourage any and all “Teen Wolf” fans to sign up for The Collective and share your thoughts, opinions, and talents with us.

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What if it’s Danny? I know: crazy idea. But, here are some points for thought:

  • He’s uber good with computers
  • He has the “everybody loves Danny” persona, so no one would even suspect him
  • If he knew about Ethan and brushed it off with a “it’s Beacon Hills”, it’s not unlikely at all that he knew…